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14 Thoughts to “Child gymnasts abused and denied water, food and toilet breaks – the damning report on British Gymnastics”

  1. Grahamshabam

    is gymnastics fixable? there’s abuse in all sports, but jesus womens gymnastics seems to blow everyone else away

  2. xsvfan

    30 for 30 had a great podcast on the same things with the USA gymnastics teams. It was called heavy medals. Doesn’t surprise me other countries are up to the same thing.

  3. oscarthegrateful

    My major takeaway from the *Athlete A* documentary is that the sexual abuse went on for so long because it occurred in an environment of rampant physical and emotional abuse.

    It must stop. If this is the price for an Olympic medal, the real winners are those countries that don’t bother.

  4. sdwvit

    Not defending, but when I was a gymnast coaches were strict af, there was bullying among gymnasts, and I would cry sometimes because those splits are unbearable. I’m a guy. With all that said, only with discipline we were able to crush it. After 15 years and migration to Canada I decided to return to trampolining just for fun (even though I did gymnastics on a carpet). I was able to do so much stuff in one year of irregular trainings that other people spend years to match, just because coach in Canada doesn’t push at all and I had a great basics back when I was a kid.

  5. kingofwale

    Chinese gymnasts: Damn, must be a casual training day

  6. Moose_Hooves

    When I played peewee hockey in the US in like 2007 they didn’t let us drink water or go to the bathroom.

  7. Esco_Dash

    Is there anything Brits won’t exploit?

  8. friendshipperson1

    Brits – at it again

  9. TheRealStoryMan1

    So China are assholes to their athletes, Russia is as well, and now Britain? Seriously when is anyone gonna ever get the idea that we are all created equally and that we gotta stop treating each other like shit?

  10. TheSunandAire

    I genuinely hope this isn’t true and is just hopping on the bandwagon of the US issues hoping for a payout

  11. Kkykkx

    What the fuck?!

  12. baghag93

    No offense to the UK, but I don’t really consider them serious medal contenders in this sport so why are they doing this?

  13. Lowfuji

    You either want medals or you don’t. This is one way of getting them.

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