Carnival Freedom cruise ship catches fire while docked in Caribbean | USA TODAY

A fire on the Carnival Freedom was extinguished while the ship was docked in Turks and Caicos.

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17 Thoughts to “Carnival Freedom cruise ship catches fire while docked in Caribbean | USA TODAY”

  1. We’ll I have a status update. So I’m fully vaccinated I have had 2 full boosters. And when we got back home Monday off the conquest I started to not feel right. I tried to shake it off. 2 days ago I had a fever. My chest started to feel super congested. Something told me to take a Covid test, so I took a binax now antigen Covid 19 test, and the little pink line immediately popped up positive. I just couldn’t believe it! My husband said to take another test to make sure it wasn’t faulty and the second one came back positive right away. I went to my Cleveland clinic ER here in Vero beach fl and they did a official test here to make sure it wasn’t a false negative but it came back positive. My husband and I were on deck 1 of the freedom in cabin 1204. We were in 1204 on conquest as well. It’s still crazy to believe that I have this virus after being quadrupole vaccinated with Moderna. After staying safe for 2 1/2 hours of this virus and working for a air port. That I finally contracted it. By Saturday the day the conquest was going to pick us up, that morning on deck 3 in the back restaurant there were so many people coughing all around us. They said that the ship had 97% of the passengers who were fully vaccinated. And of course there were kids who were under 5 years of age on the ship who can’t be vaccinated yet. I just wanted whoever will read this who was on freedom and conquest with me that I was on the ship and came back positive. With us being so close to eachother for days on two ships it’s probably what happened. I should have worn my mask I brought it but failed to do so on my part. I have chest congestion, body aches, fever, alot of stomach pain off and on, I’ve been sipping on Gatorade and water. They gave me a inhaler for my chest medicine for nausea so I can eat and steroid to take to reduce body aches so I can try and sleep. I slept 6 hours yesterday. Just getting up to get water and use the bathroom is exhausting. So those who were with me on that ship you might have been exposed like me. Be it vaccinated or not you can still get Covid. I have the omicron sub variant they found out. I just wanted you who were on the same cruise with me to know!

  2. Hay se quema mi familia Jajajaja

  3. I’m on a ship watching this 😬

  4. J H

    I was on this ship and got cleared to be moved to the Mardi Gras. A few issues i had with freedom was attitude and quality of service with staff and food. Once I got on the Mardi Gras it was a 180 where I should have had every complaint about freedom. The staff were way nicer and the food was bigger in portions and taste. And mind you they serve the same food on both ships. The 50% cruise credit was a slap in the face considering most were offered that in email before this and still are. My liquor checked coming in from port was lost and got no reason as to why. A full refund should be given to anyone on that boat. We were directly under it with video proof and none of what happened meets carnivals mission statement.

  5. And yet Another reason not to cruise with carnival

  6. Pretty ineffective fire hoses🚒

  7. Ashes were showering my balcony on the 2nd floor of the Carnival Panorama on my recent cruise and realized many others on the floor were having a similar problem, but Carnival only moved people who complained and continuously downplayed the issue – diesel exhaust is a human carcinogen and considering these ships burn extremely dirty fuel, Carnival should do everything in their power to keep it from their guests. Why rent the rooms if it's a known issue that's been happening for a long time according to my stateroom attendant? It seems like they didn't really care at all about that aspect here either.

  8. So much about this incident was so fortunate and thankfully I don’t allow myself to become crippled by what if’s and maybes as I could be hit by a car on land tomorrow.

  9. I thought the exhaust cover is metal..

  10. I’m getting on a cruiseship in a few days. 😶

  11. this happened a while back with the carnival trimuph these things happened lucky for them this happened when the ship was docking in port as opposed to out at sea

  12. We are doing fine though! We’ve had a extended vacation! The carnival conquest is picking us up today! And close to 1,000 people left our ship and are on the mardi gra so our cruise director said that a lot of might have cabin changes! So they might be upgrading some of us since the conquest is the sister ship of the freedom. They are all in the same class of ships. But it’s been chill and nice! It was very scary! My husband and I are on deck 1 and we had to rush out of our cabin when we heard the alert. Was defiantly a experience I will never forget and I’ll never forget my 30th birthday!

  13. This is hilarious. You’re surrounded by water, you’re on a vessel literally ON water, but your vessel is on fire. Not only that, but the water coming out of your firehose can’t even reach the fire. Nobody else sees the irony?

  14. At least all the passengers were vaccinated 😮‍💨

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  17. Internalizing profit….
    Externalizing pollution, taxpayer funded emergency response, firefighters, rescue, and hopefully killing some people. Outlaw Corporations.

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