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7 Thoughts to “Canada’s Nathan Rourke throws record-setting 436 yards, sets single-game passing record for a Canadian QB”

  1. mywordstickle

    How long until some NFL team poaches him?

  2. csubi

    That is impressive, no matter what anyone thinks of Canadian Football

  3. 5Gmeme

    BC Lions baby!

  4. mlorusso4

    That’s awesome. Loved him at OU. He was the qb there when I was in grad school. This is funny because he was passed over in the nfl for not being a good passer. He even tried out for the giants as a wr

  5. El_Neck_Beard

    Lmfao I was mind blown. I was thinking in 1 throw.
    I just woke up I’m on the toilet reading news with boogers in my eye 😴

  6. GroundControl2MjrTim

    Title is misleading. He’s not Canadian, he’s from alabama.

    Edit: my bad he was born in Canada and moved to alabama in high school.

  7. YouCanCallMeVanZant

    So is this the CFL record or the record for a Canadian in the CFL? Meaning is there an American who threw for more yards in the CFL?

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