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6 Thoughts to “Cale Makar Scores his second goal of the night”

  1. arturmauricio

    It was a massacre

  2. ParadoxPope

    If the Avs 4-0 I’m going to be pissed, I’ve got tickets to game 5.

  3. warrenfgerald

    People who think hockey is merely a brutish sport with fights and busted chiclets should realy see this highlight. Just a beautiful combination of puck-handling, passing, teamwork and movement. So cool.

  4. nathanaz

    I generally don’t give a rats ass about hockey, but that was some beautiful passing. Very impressive.


    does anyone actually see the puck ?

  6. Erycius

    I can’t even see where the ball goes lol. I’d only cheer because I see the players cheering 🙂

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