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4 Thoughts to “Bruce Smith: Tony Boselli’s Hall of Fame campaign undermined the integrity of the Hall – ProFootballTalk”

  1. doppelstranger

    And this is why I dislike the HOF. It’s subjective and like it or not becomes a popularity contest.

  2. ATXDefenseAttorney

    Both things can be true. Boselli may deserve to be a HoF, because he was dominant and it’s the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Guys Who Played For 12+ Years. He doesn’t need to campaign throwing Bruce Smith’s name around, though.

    Can you imagine if Randy Moss listed all the corners he Moss’d while playing? LMAO. Dumb.

    On the plus side, Tony played 7 seasons, made 5 Pro Bowls, and was a 3-time All-Pro. By comparison, Joe Thomas’ 11 seasons, 10 Pro Bowls, and 6 All-Pros should make him a Hall of Famer without even voting.

  3. fergster75

    What a mcdouche

  4. McRambis

    I understand that he’s warning against the negative impact of calling out specific players in someone’s HoF campaign, so why does he later go on to list Bruce Armstrong, Richmond Webb and Will Wilford at the end, insinuating that if these guys want to get into the HoF they should do the same thing.

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