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20 Thoughts to “Brooks Koepka becomes latest star golfer to leave PGA Tour for LIV Golf Series, sources confirm.”

  1. jruss666

    I’d have thought he’d be happy to be rid of de Chambeau on the PGA tour.

  2. Boostless

    Dude is a major douche.

  3. Cichlidsaremyjam

    Good, screw that guy. LIV taking all the Dbags off of the PGA. I am all for it.

  4. thegoodnamesrgone123

    Way to take that blood money!

  5. Fubar8181

    Go get your money and relax bro. Can’t blame him

  6. icraig91

    Shocking to me how many people are okay with sports washing.

  7. klydefrog89

    If someone offered me a boat load of cash to do what I do but slightly different I’d grab it with both hands aswell

  8. oldtownmaine

    I hope they hear Jamal Khashoggis screams every time they swing

  9. jhoratio

    Of course this asshole would join the blood money tour

  10. PattyIceNY

    Good, he was boring as fuck and seemed like a stale douche. Much more entertaining and younger guys out there to replace him.

  11. Pdxduckman

    That’d explain why he was being a whiny bitch in the pressers last week.

  12. TheWoderwick

    >“Look, if they want to look at it in prism, then why does the PGA Tour
    have 23 sponsors within the PGA Tour doing 40-plus billion dollars worth
    of business with Saudi Arabia?
    Why is it OK for the sponsors? Why is it OK … that there’s a Saudi
    sponsor, Aramco, the largest sponsor of women’s golf in the world? Why
    is it OK for them? Why is it not OK for these players? Will [PGA Tour
    commissioner] Jay Monahan go to each and every one of those CEOs of the
    23 companies that are investing into Saudi Arabia and suspend them and
    ban them? … The hypocrisy in all this, it’s so loud. It’s deafening.”

    This quote from Greg Norman [from this article]( is spot on.
    The hypocrisy is laughable and anyone who says their morals would stop them taking $100 million if it was offered to them will never be in a position to have it offered to them anyway (me included).
    Stop the moralistic BS and defence of the PGA when their history is not exactly squeeky clean either.
    Now, downvote me to hell if you want…

  13. santichrist

    A lot of guys in these threads condemning these guys and talking about “there are more things important than money” while watching superhero movies by studios who censor their films to make China happy and actors who make apology videos to China when their mentioning human rights upsets them so their big budget films can be played there and make a billion dollars

  14. KickinWing1983

    All the assholes are going, good!

  15. mildmanneredme

    At what point does the PGA concede and allow Liv players to participate in PGA tournaments? If enough starts leave surely they’d have to accept it, lest they lose a lot of their pull for tournaments.

  16. TheSavageDonut

    I will be burning my official Brooks Koepka fan club card. Fuck him forever. I hope Nike drops his dumb ass.

    The LIV Tour is a worthless tour meant to give name golfers an easy payday. The events have zero prestige and will take years to build any, if the LIV Tour even lasts long enough.

    Golf is a sport that is built on tradition. Generally, a pro golfer wants to win events like The Players, The Memorial, the AT&T Pebble Beach, etc. because the greatest golfers have historically won those events, and you get your name engraved next to Ben Fucking Hogan or Jack Fucking Nicklaus.

    I can understand washed up golfers like Sergio Garcia, Ian Poulter, Lee Westwood wanting to go get easy paydays and play in events without cuts, but DJ, Koepka, Reed, and Morikama (if the rumor is true) are supposed to be in it for the championships and major championships.

    I hope you enjoy playing in the Pumpkin Open in a few weeks, Brooks. Since you don’t really care about non-major events, I wonder what exactly the Saudis are paying for — you to walk around, chew tobacco and shoot 75 every round?

  17. Dr_Edge_ATX

    Wow. I didnt expect him to

  18. LuckyFool

    The LIV tour has been the perfect way to weed out the golfers with virtue vs the sellouts, it’s also already forcing the PGA tour to get better they have not treated players as well as they could have for years so overall this whole thing is a net positive in my view, plenty of amazing young talent and played eager to fill these spots

  19. Cannonballblues62

    Watch your head Brooks .

  20. KindBeats2016

    Make yo paper booboo.

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