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29 Thoughts to “Braves Catcher Travis D’Arnaud is hit by a pitch and “dies””

  1. Hello__Jerry

    Context for people who don’t follow baseball closely:

    The person pitching in this video is Dee Strange-Gordon, who is actually a position player, not a pitcher. In recent years, it has become somewhat common for baseball teams losing by a large number of runs (in this case 11, which is an enormous lead in baseball) in late innings (a game lasts 9 innings and the game in this video was in the 8th) to stop using their normal pitchers and to instead use a position player on the mound.

    Why do this? Well, the game is essentially over at this point, so managers do not see the point in wasting another one of their pitchers (and risk injury) in a game they are almost guaranteed to lose. For many position players in the Major Leagues—especially those who may have pitched when they were younger, but have since given it up—having the opportunity to pitch an inning or two in a big league game is something they’ve likely dreamed of doing.

    Having a position player take the mound is a huge novelty for the sport and both teams usually get really into it. Imagine if a soccer midfielder were to take over in goal. It’s fish out of water situation and much of the entertainment comes from watching them throw pitches that are significantly less threatening than what a normal pitcher would throw. Strange-Gordon threw this pitch at 52 mph—a normal Major League fastball is usually in the mid-90s. As a fan, it can be very entertaining/funny to see someone normally known for playing, say, center field now having to pitch. It’s also very funny to watch batters who are used to extremely fast pitches have to adjust and try to hit these super slow pitches. They’re not as successful at it as you’d think!

  2. CitizenHuman

    That pitcher has the longest name I’ve ever seen on the back of a jersey.

  3. snaeper

    All fun and games until you look at the score and realize it’s the Nationals who should be playing dead.


  4. CrossingTheStreamers

    So unwritten rule, next inning pitcher takes out one of their guys with an underhand lob?

  5. Automatic_Llama

    I feel like I’m missing a baseball joke. Is this some kind of baseball joke?

  6. WillK90

    That’s like when my 3 year old son gets smacked back by his 2 year old brother after he hit him first.

  7. Calichusetts

    Thoughts and prayers.

  8. probenation

    Need more of stuff like this in baseball.

  9. power0722

    Angel Hernandez would have called that a strike.

  10. SayNoToStim

    I always wondered why it wasn’t socially acceptable to bean a batter with a floater instead of intentionally walking a batter (before the changes).

    I guess its because the batter could just pivot and send the ball into the stratosphere, but it would have sped everything up if there was a gentleman’s agreement in play.

  11. AreolasGrande

    I’m a Mets and Rangers fan, after Cherepanov, I took that title seriously before clicking for a sec.

  12. Bogmanbob

    What did i just see? Was the pitcher not really into head hunting or does he have the greatest velocity differential ever with his change up?

  13. ichan-aw

    that 52 damage indicator pop up is on point too

  14. j0n66

    Ah, he resurrected just a few days too early

  15. pfcthrow2017

    Umpire was searching for his red card.

  16. wildadragon

    Make a great soccer player.

  17. mosscock_treeman


  18. onelongwheelie

    When you get tired of stealing home and start stealing the grave.

  19. Junkshot1

    Is it me, or is the laugh way too early for this announcer?

  20. DansBeerBelly

    There exist people who didn’t watch the pitch and only saw him suddenly down on the ground and panicked. Maybe even died… what a tragedy

  21. OptimusSublime

    Why didn’t he charge the mound?!

  22. jerrypk

    The violence of this game is getting out of control. Someone please step up and take charge!

  23. Buttstuffs69

    Using the formula for kinetic energy KE=½mv², and a 5oz baseball:

    This 52MPH pitch had 38 J

    A 99MPH fastball would have 138 J

    This pitch hurt about 28% as much as getting hit by a fastball

  24. Austintheweird94

    I’m so happy baseball is back!!

  25. TheLaborOnion


  26. [deleted]

    Had there been baseball in India , i would have enjoyed it equally with cricket!

  27. ScabrousRandy

    You need to put an NSFL tag up or something. Kids watch in here. Shame on you.

  28. Cheeky_Guy

    It’s all fun and games until somebody DIES

  29. midfielder9

    That’s exactly how Europe soccer work

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