Billie Eilish: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music’s Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It’s the same spirit — stripped-down sets, an intimate setting — just a different space.

Aug. 26, 2020 | Stephen Thompson — It didn’t take long for Billie Eilish to become one of the biggest pop stars in the world, sweep the Grammy Awards’ major categories and release the latest James Bond theme. And today, at just 18, she and her brother, Finneas, have accomplished what no one has been able to do for five and a half months: perform a Tiny Desk concert in what certainly appears to be the NPR Music offices.

Of course, due to safety concerns, even the NPR Music staff can’t set foot in the building that houses Bob Boilen’s desk. But if you look over Eilish’s shoulder, there’s no mistaking the signs that she’s appearing at the Tiny Desk in its present-day form: On the last day before staff began working from home, I took home the Green Bay Packers helmet that sat on the top shelf — the one Harry Styles had signed a few weeks earlier — for safe keeping. In this performance, that spot is empty.

So how the heck did they do it?

Honestly, it’s best that you watch the whole video to experience the extent of the technical feat — which, in the spirit of Eilish’s Saturday Night Live performance, they’re willing to share with you. And thankfully, we still have our ways of photographing the desk, even if the room has fallen silent.

So settle in for a welcome jolt of Tiny Desk innovation, not to mention two of the excellent standalone singles Billie Eilish has released in the past year: “my future” and “everything i wanted.” And, seriously, be sure to watch until the very end.

“my future”
“everything i wanted”

Billie Eilish: vocals, keys; Finneas: keys, guitar

Video by: Matty Vogel; Audio by: Finneas; Art Director: Henry Hickman; Producer: Bob Boilen; Audio Mastering Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Photographer: Michael Cullen; Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey; Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann


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48 Thoughts to “Billie Eilish: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert”

  1. Unsigned artists: Want to play your own Tiny Desk concert? Enter the Tiny Desk Contest by March 14!

  2. Voces como la de ella, son las que se antojan escuchar sin ningún tipo de efecto. Esta vez no se pudo, esperemos que la próxima.

  3. What is that mic? Sound is so clean.

  4. Them singing Everything I wanted together felt like they've shared many lives together, not only in this lifetime. So precious.

  5. does this mean your coming to my home

  6. talent but i dont like singers falling asleep 😔 😴

  7. I remember grade 4.. fell in love with the marimba and musical instruments, and then they took them away, and they all glared with hateful eyes… so was banned for wanting to learn, but without anything they come to take…. funny how much hate can be made, in the hearts of people with the use of bribes or other htings to a tantamount.. to a depth so… dark… for whatever reason.. hatred stirred in them… the question does it end.. that is the thing… the hateful grouping goes forth in all things, easily paid and destroyed and manipulated they want their good times on what they crush.. they really don't want law.. they thirst for thigns they don't know, because they are the darkness…. ~ ignorance.. a cruelty of study…

    hard to do it alone…

  8. I am so sick of pop artists who put out absolute garbage coming on npr tiny desk and showing o hey they r actually real. Can yall just do that. Like in your actual music. Ffs.

  9. Billie hair is too dope asf, she's incredible fr

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  11. Please send me a good prescription of blue pills to endure this…

  12. la version accoustic de Everything i Wanted est juste Grandiose y'a pas d'autre mots Billie est une immense Artiste Much Love <3

  13. so one-dimensional and lifeless – no wonder she's huge!

  14. I want to puke in her hair. Oh someone already did.

  15. Never met a girl that dyes her hair wild colors that wasn't sexually abused, etc.

  16. Billie has really brought a light to singers who sing quietly and only 4 notes.

  17. The coolest thing about Billie is that Elon Musk is her son. Go figure.

  18. I don’t know what to believe anymore, not after thinking that that was tiny but turned out not to be. I suppose we always have Jesus. Sorry for the plug.

    Great great voice. And a great duet. Thanks for singing and playing wonderful songs. 👍

    (did you know the word plug has an unknown ultimate origin?)

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  20. she shuld hav do it in bating suite

  21. What is the type of piano ?? Pls help

  22. Lizzo over this hack any day

  23. Whisper singing. Horrible

  24. Сдесь басс гитара зашла бы. не хватает чуть грубости.

  25. everything i wanted means the whole world for me. thank you so much for this video

  26. whew that performance of Everything I Wanted was so emotional and just, wow. Words fail. It brought tears to my eyes even though I've heard it probably fifty times since it's come out

  27. whew that performance of Everything I Wanted was so emotional and just, wow. Words fail. It brought tears to my eyes even though I've heard it probably fifty times since it's come out

  28. The soul she puts in her songs is what makes her special

  29. Kim

    I had some writing to do and I decided to play this while writing, but Billie’s voice is so beautiful I can’t focus!

  30. She has a beautiful voice. It is so crystal clear.

  31. Ngl I didn't notice it was a wallpaper thing instead of the actual Tiny Desk venue. I forget every time I watch this video until Billie mentions it

  32. That was so mediocre. I heard she was amazing but I’ve heard this style over and over and it’s just okay.

  33. WOW love her acoustic side!

  34. I had thought you a pop artist alone
    I stand corrected
    That was beautiful

    I'm in love but not with anyone here
    Perfect line

    And no you're never truly alone
    But now you got me listening
    Amazing singing voice
    Nice to hear something serious
    Definitely changed my mind
    Unexpectedly beautiful
    Had to tell you twice

    Bonus points for the set production
    Gratitude for the effort and for sharing

    One love


  35. Lots of talented new kids out there. She still stands out. A teenager with an old Jazz soul.

  36. I am enamoured, and she is like a harp played in the heavens.

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