Biden Speaks After Texas School Shooting: 'Why Do We Keep Letting This Happen?'

President Joe Biden Biden asked “Why are we willing to live with this carnage?” after a Texas elementary school shooting left at least 14 children and one adult dead.

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28 Thoughts to “Biden Speaks After Texas School Shooting: 'Why Do We Keep Letting This Happen?'”

  1. We all talked about this hearts breaking tragedy . Now it's time for to take action . People should be paying attention . 18 years post in the Facebook , Instagram & showed people bought two Gun 🔫 . And nobody paid any attention .
    ——— I said it before Gun stores should contact with Public Safety officer's .

  2. Jill is behind her man melania was never behind Trump.

  3. Am the happiest person on earth 🌎 each time I remember that I finally recovered from this unhealthy virus 🦠🦟 Herpes type 2, with the help of a traditional healer Dr Ehizojie…
    Am really proud of you Dr Ehizojie for all you done for me and forever greatful…!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Because we need to Concentrate on mental health……. Counselors are the bridge for this to work …! Not have them in schools for testing or scheduling or to have them monitoring school lunch periods !!!!

  5. There will never be any type of real gun control legislation in this country because our elected officials are afraid, that the tragedy of Tulsa Oklahoma race massacre in 1921 will come back to haunt them, and they need to be prepared.

  6. You have long been waiting for these horrendous crimes, Mr President and presidents of US.. No other nation has such a crime which is your own making. You politicians paid no heed to curb gun culture despite repeated uprising. Because it profits few politicians and arms companies. You are asking why other countries don't happen such heinous crime. You have a role in it. Bumb morons

  7. There’s a jackal in the White House. He’s gotta go!!!

  8. This shooting IS EXACTLY why we need guns. Talk about defunding the police has consequences. We need guns because the police CANNOT protect us. There's not enough of them and it's getting worse thanks to the defunders.

  9. Cha

    Why do TEACHER prop open security doors with rocks??

  10. This mf has the power to stop it though

  11. I want to say a very big thanks to Dr osaba on YouTube for putting a smile on my face again, I was cure from PACKINSON DISEASE, Dr osaba also have cure for HIV, herpes, HPV, PCOS, STD, cancer, PD, fibroid, etc .

  12. Want to know HOW Biden became president? Watch 2000 Mules.

  13. why why why dear god did the democracts refuse to pass strong gun controll bil that was brought to house many times by republicans, these kids would have been alive. but no it was not part in their BS aggendure , phont climat aggendure was mor important to make money then kids

  14. Because politicians play games with murdered Americans just like you are doing. We can protect our children but gun "reform" which no one can define is not the problem or answer. First find the reasons and solutions for why we are producing angry young men bent on violance for violance sake with no care for the sanctity of life. They are many and difficult but it must be done. Second stop the retoric of hate and division at all levels. Third secure our school buildings and see that police have the resources and training needed to protect. The only thing standing in the was is the will to get it done. Let's hope and pray for everyone to see the light and do the right things for everyone not just themselves. My opinion

  15. There's 130, 930 schools in America.
    We have sent $53 billion to Ukraine.
    That is $404,796 per school.
    We could pay 5 SWAT members $80.000 each* and have them at every school front door.
    And have approximately $5K left over.
    America First… Kids Education First.


  16. Instead of wasting our money by giving it to Ukriane, let's hire 2 to 3 armed security guards at every school in America

  17. False flag operation. Don't be fooled by the tiny hat manipulation

  18. Why wasn't the school called for lockdown when the Shooter crashed by the school?
    Why did Police not surround the Shooters vehicle after he crashed letting him get to the school?
    Why did Police not confront the Shooter in the 12 minutes he was in front of the school?
    Why was the school security guard off duty?
    Why did the teacher prop the door open with a rock that the Shooter used to come in?
    Why did the first classroom he came to have the door unlocked?
    Why did the Officers on scene not engage the Shooter after first shoots where fired?

  19. I do not care for anything this man has to say!!!! NEXT

  20. Opens more mental words mental hospitals let's go.. stop blaming guns..

  21. So very 😔

    Ukraine actually has provable damages

    from war shelling

    trying to protect neo nazism

    misled by those seeking riches

    of utilities corp stocks dividends

    Who now have forced up ⛽ prices
    on the us citizens who they claim to
    care so much for

  22. Ultra Muga

    Making Ukraine (utilities corp stocks dividends) Greatest Always
    with neo nazism 👌

  23. Because you don't do anything to stop it.

  24. More than 200+ of the shootings in 2022

  25. what is this old decrepit, brain dead man actually going to do? this whole fiasco of our government system is a complete joke.

  26. You are dam right you know ALOT

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