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7 Thoughts to “Australia’s Seebohm backs FINA decision on transgender swimmers”

  1. Technical-Avocado233

    Well it’s just fair if they have their own category, that’s the whole point

  2. throwaway164_3

    How is this even controversial? It’s concerning that a large, educated population does not understand basic high school biology and genetics.

  3. JackdeAlltrades

    She said the other day that her basic take was everyone had to accept the decision no matter what it was so good to see she’s staying consistent with that.

  4. FlatSpinMan

    Excellent. Which sports fan wouldn’t? Anything else would be blatantly unfair.

  5. pickuprick

    Finally some fucking common sense

  6. freddy_guy

    “Person who directly benefits from decision supports decision.”


  7. Hosford90

    Of course she fucking does lol.

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