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16 Thoughts to “Australia qualifies for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, defeating Peru in the intercontinental play-off”

  1. usuallywearshorts

    The grey Wiggle wins it for Australia!!!!!

  2. NFLisNotRealFootball

    All those Peruvian fans made a pro gamer move since they can already brag of watching their team in Qatar.

  3. elboltonero

    I find it hilarious that Australia switched to the Asian confederation so they wouldn’t have to play in a playoff against a South American team to make the world cup and end up having to play in a playoff against a South American team to make the world cup.

  4. kearnivorous

    #ArnoldOut. Still think he shouldn’t be the coach but can’t dislike him after that post match interview. Easy to forget that famous people are actually people too

  5. moochello

    Missing out on the World cup by 1 penalty kick- Yikes. Alex Eduardo Valera Sandoval is having the worst day of his life.

  6. boogasaurus-lefts


    was weird weird drinking a beer before work.

  7. bigloudbang

    Always love australian sporting success, but hard to get excited about a cup built off the back of slave labour and won thriugh bribery

  8. mrhjt

    Aussie Aussie Aussie

  9. Looney_forner


  10. corruptboomerang

    Yeah, take that Peru… Oh sorry…

  11. haruter65

    Merecido, los perucas jugaron para el orto

  12. johnny-T1

    Is it like the first time after a long absence?

  13. I_r_hooman

    Is this rugby?

  14. S-Markt

    30% of the players will be dead within the first half of the game

  15. the_horny_satanist

    Damn riporonie Peru, congrats kangaroos mates hope you guys put on a good show

  16. riftwave77

    Peru should have fielded some emus. Then they would have crushed the aussies.

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