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41 Thoughts to “ABC News Prime: Texas school shooting and AL, AR, GA, TX primary live coverage”

  1. If you refuse to put these guys through a Woodchipper, gonna keep happening.

  2. In this video they talk about the Deadly vaccines, the School shooting and the horrible things that are happening to our children.
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  3. R

    🤔 So let’s just let the killers and thugs be the only ones with guns, shooting kids like fish in a barrel. No offense but are you not thinking clearly ? “In” is the keyword, we need people “In” the classroom or school that are armed and trained to neutralize a shooter. Inept officers waiting on their pensions and brave pretenders need not apply. We need officers snd teachers that would risk their lives for the children. If you keep schools gun free zones, every off balance idiot is going to fantasize about turning schools into slaughter houses. Killers don’t give a damn about our gun laws or school signs. They are killers for crying out loud. Please think

  4. Nothing but a Drill learn Gematria

  5. Staged Event for the sheeple

  6. Nobody understands nobody gets the real picture why nobody think 💭 this through that all this mayhem and chaos and division can be created by intelligent smart and great online skills created by RUSSIA 🇷🇺 These conspiracies ARE to create division chaos and Mayham in our beautiful country did you guys ever stop and think or thought of that they are dividing us from left to right black to white color to color race to race race to religion all these conspiracies controversies confusion division are created on online social media Internet platforms and who is the mastermind on the Internet conspiracies and even interfering on & in our elections RUSSIA 🇷🇺 hopefully God bless us all and may God really make America the United States of America AGAIN one day IT is my wish my prayers and my blessings love you all dearly coexistence IS THE ONLY WAY ☮️✝️☪️✡️🕉📿🔱🌟🧿🌌🙏💯🌳🌏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 We are burning everything with our own hands

  7. But what about how the kid got almost nine thousand dollars for all the guns, ammo, vest with a part time job for a short amount of time, no credit and the layaway thing is nonsense you don’t get the guns till you pay them off! O also how he got into the building is another one!

  8. Why is no one talking about police body cameras? That's what im interested in. Dont tell me not one body camera was not on. In such a hostile situation, no ones talking about body cameras worn by police officers, not even the news. Why is that?

  9. Don't think Media News Understands WORLD PUBLIC Does not Trust Or Will Ever Trust Anything they say anymore Public will Boycott all they sell its Viral and Growing Day by Day Public Fed up turning them OFF….

  10. Is the shooter teen Alive or dead ?? 😳😳😳

  11. People are loosing lives to Copycats. Push to stop the reporting of mass shootings by all media. Media promotion is where those sycophants get it from. Media, please stop promoting and then giving these killers, the spotlight.


  13. If 18 dead and 2 Adults died that would be 21 ppl died.

  14. Tupac was killed by medical sergon general that didn't like political influences

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  16. All shootouts in Philadelphia

  17. The shootout and I go Philadelphia shootout in algo Philadelphia

  18. As so much of our country is praying now for these families, I am praying and hurting for each family’s loss. Can all of us begin praying for our school children, such a heartbreaking tragedy? Is it asking too much of America that we put pray BACK in our schools?

  19. Large scale nation wide Protests to ban assault weapons & mandate strict gun control like Black Lives Matter are immediate option for public before they get to vote out Republicans like Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Ted Cruz out of Texas government in upcoming November elections

  20. Why can't South Korea and North Korea unify?

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  22. To the victims, famies you have my deepest condolences. For all people we must wake up now. Reports of mass shooter suspects are increasing. Monitor all things and report anything that looks wrong to the authorities as quickly as possible. It's better to be safe than sorry. We are all connected. We are all responsible for each other's safety and well being. Be strong…..people.

  23. It's BIDENS FAULT Damn democrats

  24. 26 in Sutherland Springs in 2017… 10 in Santa Fe in 2018… 23 in El Paso in 2019… 22 in Uvalde in 2022… Nobody does massacres quite like TEXAS! Even the massacre death counts are bigger! PROUD OF THAT RECORD??????????

  25. As a reviewer the loss of innocent children that were gunned down in cold blood from an 18 yr old kid that was able to purchase two automatic rifles .Yet Texas governor has signed a gun carry act that makes it legal to Cary but when you had the blood of innocent school children killed . And the death of two teachers the governor just smiled as he read the report never showed one bit of emotion .

  26. US is all about selling arms internally and internationally

  27. I REALLY would like to KNOW how many parents and close siblings of the 19 children were in FAVOR of guns, NRA lobby, etc. Now are they thinking differently? Same for the two teachers. If their families were in favor of guns and how they feel today.

    Those people MUST come out and say it now…

  28. So you're standing outside, listening to the kids shouting, crying and moaning, listening to the shots and you're nothing? Shake the police there well, distribute dismissals and prosecute those responsible for death caused by inaction, omission or whatever it was called legally.

  29. In such a situation, there is a need for the US government to shift its priorities from abroad to inland and enact legislation that prioritizes the welfare of its people.
    Legislate for the use of firearms, ban the possession of firearms, and provide for the provision of mental health and general health services.
    And make arrangements to promote drug abstinence awareness to reduce mental illness. When someone's child leaves this world. What goes through the hearts of these parents? Let those in power feel this feeling in their hearts.

  30. Opening news program … "Good Afternoon" … REALLY ???? .. get with it… It was NOT a Good Afternoon!!!

  31. that's influence of the computer games

  32. Everything MUST be done to STOP these TERRORIST MASS SHOOTING attacks! Everyone is at risk. So very sad .

  33. I want you to think about this two different blood types in the the same house separated like a battery and both applied with spectroscopy which is pulling analytical data back to a rerouter in a satilite !!!

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