19 kids killed, suspect dead after Texas elementary school shooting

18-year-old Salvador Ramos was shot killed when officers responding to the school.

Read more: https://www.11alive.com/article/news/nation-world/who-is-texas-school-shooting-suspect-robb-elementary-shooting-uvalde/273-fb74e830-8096-4672-b64a-2fae1fab2a2d


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35 Thoughts to “19 kids killed, suspect dead after Texas elementary school shooting”

  1. The people that do this are absolute dumb*sses

  2. For America…
    My Identity doesn’t matter for this message. Whatever matters is what a man thinks and what he withstands the worst crapping conditions.
    People saw America and her people achieving great heights dominating wars, having the most secrecy in its matters, protecting its people with their invincible and destructive minds that scare away anyone who dares to try.
    Good that New York and its neighbours is amazing for its pop culture, for its lifestyle, and simplicity. Apologies if it is not. Well, everyone in world might think the same.
    Professors like to see minds of people and try to experiment them and see what is inside. And also start implementing activities that open their mind and scarcely spending half of their life on families.
    Employees try to enjoy their job to earn a simple thing called happiness or they start going somewhere else to find what is it,. If he couldn’t MAN tries to stick his job thinking that he can be rich at last and enjoy his riches.
    The graduate comes to the city with his little left money from his home to find a space in an amazing cosmos of people. He travels, sees tries to give a definition to his life he tries guitar, piano, or violin or something from music and sports to get himself from the rush of thoughts, one who couldn’t find his way out of these humanly buzz tries to get into it and starts living into it gets a small job if he still couldn’t define himself he would get addicted to something what people call illegal, crime, and bad things.
    At here a BOY comes , a boy enough to get things through his mind understand the world, but it is still not easy to him to see things for his life as he is still a KID. Some see him wandering around about what he is meant to be, the one who are already known to the confusion help in a way that the KID figures and sorts out things in a brink of time others who get of the confusion with an escaping solution may give an advice in such a way that the kid may suffer in future. But there are kids with families who guide their children, some families like to guide their kids in the way they want.
    Lastly, a little boy likes to be very simple and amazing with the nature around, but the boy doesn’t have any other choice to choose other than it even if he tries to find one.
    In every personality one human there are many possibilities. It is superior that he is tested. In every age I might have shown maximum age incidents, for a human he might think the last line of every age is the end of the personality or it may lead to end of the living.
    Now I show you a kid, A small kid with young mind barely he had a friend, he saw things hard so he tried to study as much as he as he was bored. The boy was given the most stupid advices where others call it “Bullying” he did not care, but somehow he was proven he wasn’t a good boy. Someone said booo, someone said go away, he did not care. Seeing everyone without any complexity and friends, and everyone thinking about themselves that “if I would even meet him everyone would see me as a weirdo I will be doomed and embarrassed and I also loose my character” . The boy think he is a statue that is not needed he has nothing to say nor he had any patience to even cry. All he had something opposite to what we call unconditional love,
    He was in Unconditional loneliness and unlawfulness of nature he never came to school back he had only two options for himself 1. Death or 2. Trying to be in the ones who lead a simple life.
    But the boy left the school, He had no one but their grand parents. Boy refused to join the school as per hir Grandparent’s request.
    As there was no choice for the kid except death he did not had courage to choose, but he emerged another option 3. Destroy the low lying simplicity.
    He chooses a wrong but only way he saw to finish his life. He did not had another chance to join the school as he left many grades behind. THE something we so call “revenge” was The option 3 which made his life to choose it , the simplicity and low thinking of other Kids
    Now, I would ask everyone a question.
    If you had a chance to lead the Kid of the above after being bullied and being out of the school,?
    A. Make the kid no more living as he can cause a living hell with dangerous thoughts in future.
    B. Lead the kid to join in other school.
    C. Lead the kid to join in the same school, even you know he would suffer more if he did not get any help, in a school where a simple and peaceful mind of a child matters without any complexities.
    D. Leaving away the kid
    E. Showing him the option 1(paragraph)
    I can say it was hard to choose for you but I want everyone to think that who made the kid being so quiet, ignoral and violent?
    No Help of other friends?
    Teacher not seeing the kid suffering?
    No advice?
    Simplistic minds of people?
    No teaching of kindness in the school?
    Principal’s fault that he did not check the boy after he dropped out?
    Or the nature of the students in the school?
    Or its mistake of the kid to be born?
    Or the mistake of the gun maker to make the guns?
    You might be choosing the last question. It makes no sense in banning guns. I think every one knows how badly he accepted the option3 he could do anything. Instead the US government must make the the law to execute and give peace to a child who dropped out of the school.
    America think whose mistake it is
    From ,
    14th June 2022.

  3. America better do something about this

  4. What is the reason , your police officers are free to kill who ever they want to kill with their chief power,,, that why people okay let's kill it's other

  5. If they stop trying to take guns and have teachers take safety classes on guns and have the teachers armed and armed security this would never happen

  6. They need to change the age of buying fire arms can anyone explain how someone with no job or income buy 9000$ worth of guns and ammo

  7. I don’t think this would have happened if just a few kids had told this shooter that they like his lisp.
    But did you hear that they bullied him and then called him SCHOOL SHOOTER!!!!!
    Talk about giving him the idea!! In this case he killed 19 innocent children! And 2 teachers!
    And if adults (teachers, doctors, etc) would praise every child by saying “don’t worry about…” :
    lisp, they’re cute, smart, nice hair, etc). If they are poor tell them we’re all poor! Don’t listen to bullies or take it personally.
    Do a YouTube about the names all these school shooters were called and teased about!
    And if kids complain that someone just called them a name, tell them that’s wrong but all kids call other kids bad names, all day long, so don’t take it personally. Tell them to listen and they’ll see that all kids call other kids bad names! I think that’s the most important thing to tell kids that are bullied.
    Don’t schools have “don’t bully” rules, and talk to kids about not being bullies, and bullies are trying to HURT someone’s feelings, so it’s wrong? and don’t do that!
    And if they call someone SCHOOL SHOOTER and if they ever do that, the blood will be on their hands too!

  8. Let me get this straight. An lgbt crazy shoots up a grade school and it’s legal gun owners fault?

  9. ATTENTION people, this was planned. The CABAL – Demoncrats – Rinos – Evil Empire will continue to kill our children. The want to disarm the American people, and we will NEVER let that happen.

  10. He didn’t deserve death, he deserves much worse, he doesn’t deserve that peace. He needed to be locked up for good. Something is wrong with anybody who does something like that, It’s serious mental conditions that need to be checked out if your mind works like that. If you hear or see anybody showing violent behavior or saying they want to do anything like that, TELL SOMEONE. Tell a school counselor, teacher, parent, staff, anyone. Speak up, you may be saving multiple lives.

  11. And this reminds me back 10 years ago the sandy hook shooting in elementary so sad man 😔😔

  12. But the police could already take him to jail! The kids would still stay alive ! He could still hear the shots mia gave me a idea kf the lockdown

  13. Bob

    This shows that school's need to do something because we can't let people do this.

  14. PINCHÉ CHIQUILLO, adults scare you don’t they! Rest In Peace, kiddos! 😢

  15. Mane killed kids he a bitch

  16. This was a cowardly attack on little children. I wonder why he targeted this school?

  17. Litigant equal:laws to take right ✅ to make hard decisions because they don't do what's law. Cause a reflection for needed needle in a dispute and tread in healing as Cause needed treat eliminated. To be debated for military is murder legal or is it to much for kid's. Try how practice how hope how try how believe how practice.

  18. Damn, those poor kids. My heart goes out to the families. How many more lives will have to be taken before people realize that these gun laws that are set in place are too weak? And I know many Americans don't like to hear it because they believe of their rights to own weaponry. But like- you never see this shit in most European countries because they have a handle of the laws. :,)

  19. We have a virus equal home school. We have a school shooting virus so lets have home schooling. No school to build maintain staff clean secure . No buses uniforms . Think what can be done with the money. Better pay equipment time used for class instead of travel. Breaskfast lunch what they want. Lives saved worth every penny saved for a better safe way for kids to learn. Wake up get with a better way to educate our kids and keep them safe.

  20. Disgusting human crap!!!

  21. But what about how the kid got almost nine thousand dollars for all the guns, ammo, vest with a part time job for a short amount of time, no credit and the layaway thing is nonsense you don’t get the guns till you pay them off! O also how he got into the building is another one!

  22. This little fucker killed those children he should get a death sentence not a life sentence he killed those children and adults what does he get to live in the family what are they gonna do about their dead children they’re gonna live through that for the rest of their life friends of those people that were killed I’m sorry that horrible person did it to you guys.😔

  23. Ban gun purchase of anyone younger than 27 yrs old.

  24. His friend should have reported this,they saw it on fb

  25. daughter forgot her tablet. My heart goes out to all the families I have a young daughter myself and I can't even begin to imagine what that must have felt like

  26. Please quit showing this dirtbags picture!!!!!!!

  27. Bullied incel most likely.

  28. We have guns protecting banks, we have guns protecting warehouses, but all we have to protect our nations future is a sign saying no guns.

  29. Dozens of cops couldn't stop a young adult,It's going too far,
    let more children die because of it,the police did nothing.

  30. …… It's a ridiculous country.

  31. Psychotropic medications are the cause of these mass shooting, Almost all the shooters had stopped taking their psychotropic meds or were on them. The media doesn't give you this information because they get over 70% of their revenue from big pharma for pharmaceutical commercials. The politicians don't talk about it because big pharma keeps them in office by financing a big part of their campaign to get elected. All of these psychotropics cause suicide ideation. Big pharma does not warn you that psychotropics can give you the desire to kill others.

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